Social Accuracy Lab
Principal Investigator: Jeremy Biesanz

Broadly, work in the Social Accuracy Lab examines the process of interpersonal impressions, exploring the impressions we form about the stable and global personality traits of others and the self. Utilizing the Social Accuracy Model (SAM) we are able to explore overall levels and variability in accuracy and bias in impressions, as well as examine various factors that impact these perceptual tendencies.

Structural Equation Modelling Lab (UBC SEM LAB)
Principal Investigator: Victoria Savalei

Our research interests lie primarily in the field of structural equation modeling (SEM)–a powerful statistical modeling tool that allows psychologists to test complicated theories involving multiple observed and latent variables. Our main line of research has to do model evaluation and testing for difficult kinds of data, such as incomplete data, nonnormal data, and categorical data. We have been developing and studying approaches for reliable analysis of data that have one or more of these characteristics. Recently, we have also begun studying the behavior approximate indices of fit in SEM. Finally, we are also interested in using SEM to model response biases in personality data.