A guide to finding resources, support and community at UBC.

A large part of the experience of marginalized identities is feeling lonely and isolated. These are a few resources that can help alleviate some of the stress, and ensure you have a community to support you while you take care of yourself.

Are you experiencing mental health issues, mental illness, and require mental health support? Access the resources below to better understand your health.

Resource NameSynopsisAudience
Campus Lightbox | OrganizationConsolidated information about mental health resources on UBC campus.Students
Crisis Centre BC | Organization/ Service/ HotlinePrograms to ensure timely access to support, destigmatize suicide and mental health concerns, and increase awareness and skills for mental health.BC Residents
Health and Wellbeing at UBC | List/ GuideConnects students to health professionals to find wellness resources to support their needs and thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally at UBC.Students
Healthier Masculinities | ProgramEducate and empower students to stand against sexualized and gender-based violence by promoting a culture of healthier masculinitiesStudents
Here2Talk | Organization/ HotlineConnects students to health professionals to find wellness resources to support their needs and thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally at UBCStudents
Hope for Wellness | Hotline / Service Available to all Indigenous people across Canada. Experienced and culturally competent counsellors are reachable by telephone and online ‘chat’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students
The Kaleidoscope | OrganizationStrives to provide a mutual aid model of peer support for individuals who identify with having lived experience of mental health concerns in a safe(r), non-judgmental, stigma-free environment. Students
Thrive UBC | CampaignResources for mental health literacy, reducing stigma, reflecting on diverse perspectives and experiences. Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Counselling Services | ServiceConnects students to health professionals to find wellness resources to support their needs and thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally at UBC.Students
UBC Mental Health Awareness Club | OrganizationRaises awareness for mental health, promotes and supports positive mental health, and eliminates the stigma towards mental illnesses and mental health conversations by hosting a variety of events and producing different blog posts on mental health.Students
UBC Psychology Clinic | ServiceOffers comprehensive psychological services for adults in the Greater Vancouver community.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Psychology Wellbeing | Resource List / GuideComprehensive list of resources available to undergraduate students. Students
UBC Student Assistance Program | ServiceConnects students to health professionals to find wellness resources to support their needs and thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally at UBC.Students

If you are looking for BIPOC and/or 2SLGBTQIA+ specific counselling and mental health services, see below.

Resource NameSynopsisAudience
Healing in Colour | Service Offers a directory of BIPOC therapists who are committed to supporting BIPOC— in all the intersections. Faculty, Staff, Students
Jericho Counselling | Service Provides therapists from diverse backgrounds to better a clients experience with therapy. Faculty, Staff, Students
Vancouver Black Therapy and Advocacy Foundation | Raises funds to connect Black community members with accredited Black counsellors and therapists locally.Faculty, Staff, Students
2SLGBTQIA+ Resources Compiled by Claire Sessoms | List/ GuideProvides crisis intervention, low-cost or free counselling, and peer support for queer youth, adults, and elders.Faculty, Staff, Students

Are you or someone you know experiencing financial setbacks? Find some useful links below that can help alleviate monetary stress.

Resource NameSynopsisAudience
AMS Food BankAn emergency food relief service for UBC students, faculty and staff in need.Faculty, Staff, Undergraduates, Graduates
AMS Student FeesOpt out of fees totalling up to $425.74 a term. Check the link for updated information.Undergraduates, Graduates
AMS SubsidiesOpt out of fees totalling up to $377.90. Check the link for updated information.Undergraduates, Graduates
Student Enrolment and Finances
Awards/ Scholarships Merit-based awards primarily based on academic achievement. Other merits such as community involvement or athletic achievements may also be considered.Undergraduates, Graduates
Bursaries Designed to support students with unment financial need.Undergraduates, Graduates
Emergency FundingIn sistuations wherein you require financial support due to extraneous circumstances.Undergraduates, Graduates
Psychology Department and Faculty of Arts Funding
Faculty of Arts Funding OpportunitiesMerit-based awards, tuition award, etc. Graduates
Psychology Funding OpportunitiesScholarships, awards, teaching assistanships, etc. Graduates
Psychology Funding Opportunities Travel funding, research assistanships, merit-based awards.Undergraduates
Work Opportunities
AMS JobsWhether you're looking for full-time, part-time or a student job scheduled around your classes, the AMS can help you.Undergraduates, Graduates
Arts Co-Op ProgramOffers undergraduate and graduate students enriched educational experiences through workplace learning in a diversity of organizations.Undergraduates, Graduates
CareersOnline The online job and volunteer board for UBC students and alumni.Undergraduates, Graduates
Participate in Paid StudiesList of studies that are actively recruiting participants and providing cash based prizes upon completion of their study.Undergraduates, Graduates
Science Co-Op ProgramOffers undergraduate and graduate students enriched educational experiences through workplace learning in a diversity of organizations.Undergraduates, Graduates
Work Learn ProgramSupports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on and off campus, offering current UBC Vancouver students the opportunity to develop their professional skills.Undergraduates

Exploring your sexual and gender identity can be both euphoric and stressful. Find community, mentors, and more in the resource list below.

Resource NameSynopsisAudience
Gender Empowerment Store | UBC Pride CollectiveProvides free gender-affirming products that aren't safely or affordably accessible to people. Gender affirming gear include but are not limited to packers, binders, padding, gaffs and boxers.Students
All Gender Washrooms Map | UBC Campus and Community Planning
Details which washrooms on campus are gender inclusiveFaculty, Staff, Students
Care Collective Zine | Organization/ ZineReimagines wellness for youth of marginalized genders.Students
CiTR: Gender Empowerment | Radio/ OrganizationFeatures conversations about gender, race and social justice.Faculty, Staff, Students
EIO | Audit of Gender Diversity at UBC
The audit aims to help enhance the university’s understanding of the needs of university community members who are transgender, Two-Spirit, and gender diverse (T2SGD).Faculty, Staff, Students
EIO | Introduction to Gender Diversity
Learn about different aspects of gender diversity and find information about UBC’s systems, policies, and practices.Faculty, Staff, Students
EIO | Positive Space: Foundations
[Canvas Course]
An online course that provides low-barrier access to learn about sex, sexuality, and gender diversity.Faculty, Staff, Students
Equity & Inclusion Office (EIO) | Positive Space Language
A list of terminology to increase gender awareness in language and engage with others with respect.Faculty, Staff, Students
Toolkit to Obtain Support as a Trans, Two-Spirit, or Non-binary EmployeeProvides information about resources available locally to T2SNB employeesStaff
Trans Care BC | Health CareSupports the delivery of equitable and accessible care, surgical planning, and peer and community support for trans people across the province.Faculty, Staff, Students
Out on the Shelves | OrganizationAn LGBTQ2IA+ library on Musqueam land. Run by volunteers, librarians, and librarians-in-training. Faculty, Staff, Students
Qmunity | OrganizationWorks to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives by providing e a safer space for LGBTQ2SAI+ people and their allies to fully self-express while feeling welcome and included. Faculty, Staff, Students
Queer Community Collective | OrganizationDiscusses topics relating to Queer communities, individuals, etc. Faculty, Staff, Students
Sher Vancouver | PodcastPodcast for Queer, Trans, and BIPOC Folk.Faculty, Staff, Students
The Pride Collective UBC | OrganizationA student lead organization that organizes events, provides resources, and creates inclusive spaces. Students
Trans Lifeline | Hotline
A peer support phone service run by trans people for our trans and questioning peers. Call them if you need someone trans to talk to, even if you’re not in a crisis or if you’re not sure you’re trans.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Gender-Affirming Healthcare Access Guide | UBC Trans Coalition
A guide to finding provider care at UBC, what to expect from hormone and surgical readiness assessments, accessing prescriptions and coverage, and the broader landscape for gender-affirming healthcare resources in BC.
UBC Human Resources | Transgender and gender-diverse faculty and staff at UBC
Information to help employees understand available resources and benefits at UBC and how best to support and coordinate a transition process.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Drag | OrganizationQueer nightlife and Drag performances by students at UBC.Faculty, Staff, Students
Vancouver Pride | OrganizationNon-profit celebrating + promoting the diverse 2SLGBTQAI+ community in Vancouver and the Lower MainlandFaculty, Staff, Students
UBC Trans and Non-binary Student Guide | GuideHelps other trans and non-binary students navigate UBC in a conversational and accessible way. Students
Wellness Beyond the Binary | OrganizationHelps with access to healthcare, mental health support, etc. to members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.Faculty, Staff, Students

Are you a disabled student, faculty member or staff looking for accessibility and disability support? This consolidated resource list might be a great place to start.

Resource NameSynopsisAudience
Accessibility on Campus | GuideProvides information about how UBC members can get around campus in an accessible manner.Faculty, Staff, Students
Centre for Workplace Accessibility | GuideExists as a central hub for resources, tools, and programs that help remove barriers for faculty and staff with disabilities or ongoing medical conditions.Faculty, Staff
Checklist for Accessible Events | GuideAssists all UBC staff in planning events, public consultations, celebrations, and other occasions so that they can be equally accessible to, and inclusive of, community members who have a disability.Faculty, Staff
Disabilities United Collective (DUC)| Student GroupIncreases accessibility on campus and provides a safe and empowering space for neurodivergent and physically disabled students.Students
Open UBC | Open Educational Resource Accessibility Toolkit
A guide with best practices to create a truly open and accessible educational resources.Faculty, Staff
UBC Services for Students with Disabilities | GuideProvides information about services available to students with ongoing accessibility needs and/or disabilities.Students
Undergraduate Admissions for Students with Disabilities | GuideContains information about how to find help on campus for students with disabilities.Students
Disability Affinity Group UBCThe Disability Affinity Group provides an opportunity for students, faculty and staff living with disabilities to regularly meet and build a community of support, learning, and solidarity. Students, Faculty, Staff
Web Accessibility at UBC | GuideImproves the accessibility and usability of UBC websites to ensure equitable access to all sites and services for all members of the community.Faculty, Staff, Students

Find community in religion. Reconnect with your faith and find a community of like-minded people.

Resource NameSynopsisAudience
AMS Advocacy and Ombuds Offices | Website Advocates for students facing formal conflicts with the university including academic disputes, non-academic disputes, housing appeals, library fines and parking disputes.Students
Office of the Ombudsperson for Students | Website An independent, impartial and confidential resource for students navigating a situation where you haven’t been treated fairly by the university.Students
Religious Student Clubs at UBC | List/ Guide AMS CampusBase list of registered religious and spiritual clubs at UBC. Students
UBC Chaplains | Service Guide members of the UBC community in engaging with their spirituality and faith.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Meditation Community | OrganizationHelps members learn and develop a formal meditation practice in order to promote overall health.Students
UBC Multifaith Prayer Rooms | Service UBC provides multifaith prayer rooms on campus for students of all faiths to pray, meditate, reflect or find quiet.Students
UBC Yoga Club | OrganizationA student-run, affordable yoga club working to create a safe and loving community for people to practice yoga and build life-long friendships both on and off the mat.Students
Chabad Jewish Student Centre Vancouver | OrganizationServes the Jewish student population at UBC and local community colleges with religious, educational, social, and recreational programming. The Centre strives to create a space where “Every Jew is Family” on campus for Jews of all backgrounds. Students
Hillel BC | OrganizationPromotes Jewish life on campus and beyond, providing a warm, welcoming environment where students on BC campuses are able to grow religiously, culturally, socially and ethically.Students

Are you looking for people with similar lived experiences as yourself? Are you looking to create a community of people from similar ethnic and racial backgrounds? Here are a few organizations that can help you get started.

Resource NameSummaryAudience
Arts Indigenous Student Advising | OrganizationThis resource is specifically for students in the Faculty of Arts and provides academic and cultural support to new and continuing First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students in the Faculty of Arts. Students
Canadian Black Scientists Network | OrganizationThe Canadian Black Scientists Network (CBSN) exists to Elevate, make Visible, Celebrate and Connect Black Canadians in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine (STEMM) across sectors.Faculty, Staff
Hua Foundation | OrganizationA youth empowerment non-profit connecting cultural heritage and social change.Students
Indian Residential School History and Dialogue CentreAddresses the colonial legacy of residential schools and other policies imposed by the Canadian government on Indigenous Peoples, and ensures that this history is acknowledged, examined and understood within the UBC community.Students
Sliced Mango Collective | OrganizationAn organization that centers Filipinx identity and cultures. Through art, performance, and community work, they hope to engage Filipinx youth in celebrating their culture and identities. Students
UBC First Nations Long House | Organization/ Student ProgrammingEngages with the public, media, and UBC personnel on a host of Indigenous-related matters.Students
Indigenous Students Collegium | OrganizationA space in the First Nations Longhouse that supports Indigenous students in building and fostering community, and discovering resources and opportunities. Students
Sher Vancouver | OrganizationSher Vancouver is a non-profit society for LGBTQ+ South Asians and their friends, families and allies in Metro-Vancouver, BC.Students, Faculty, Staff
The Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (VAFCS) | OrganizationProvides tools that empowers self reliance; responsibility; success and prosperity, for all Indigenous individuals, family and community.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Vancouver Indigenous Portal | OrganizationInformation resource for Indigenous students, faculty and the wider community.Students
Yarrow Society 世代同行會 | OrganizationSupports youth and low-income immigrant seniors in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside.Faculty, Staff, Students
UBC Black Student Union | OrganizationAims to highlight and celebrate the multifaceted nature of Black cultures through events.Students
UBC Black Caucus | OrganizationPromotes a greater sense of community, advocate progress and maintain ongoing support for Black students, staff, and faculty at UBC.Faculty, Staff, Students
Urban Native Youth Association | OrganizationUNYA's focus has been to provide meaningful opportunities for Indigenous youth in the urban setting. Students

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