Diversify your degree by getting involved in the many exciting opportunities UBC Psychology has to offer.

Graduate Student Council

Represent fellow psychology graduate students and work alongside faculty members and staff by joining UBC Psychology’s Graduate Student Council (GSC).

Through committee membership, the GSC works to improve the overall experience of graduate students in the department, promote social interaction and sense of community, enhance quality of graduate student teaching, and assist with regular department functions, such as PsychFest and the annual recruitment weekend.

The GSC also liaises with UBC’s Graduate Student Society and serves as an advocacy function to raise important issues about inequality regarding graduate students as a whole.


PsychFest is an annual, all-day event during which second-year MA students and new PhD students are required to present their research to the department. Research is showcased on empirical, theoretical, and professional topics. In addition, a speaker is invited to present their research. The proceedings are accompanied by a luncheon and a post-conference gathering.

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