BSc Honours Program Overview

In addition to completing the regular BSc degree requirements, students admitted into the honours program complete several advanced research-relevant courses during their third and fourth years. Honours students are also required to conduct research projects under faculty supervision during their third and fourth years.


Honours Applications

Applications for the Honours Program is closed.

Admission to the honours program is highly competitive. As a minimum requirement, admission to the honours program requires at least a 76% average in the second year and at least 80% in both of PSYC 277 and PSYC 278.

Students who wish to be considered for admission to the honours program typically apply during the second half of their second year. Graduation requires an average of at least 80% in 12 credits of psychology courses numbered 300 and above.

In addition to meeting the specific department course requirements, honours candidates are required to complete all courses attempted, and to maintain a minimum overall 68% average in each academic session.

BSc Honours Students must follow the Faculty of Science policy, which requires Honours students to register in a minimum of 30 credits in every winter session.

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