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Get into research as an undergraduate student. Learn more about volunteer research assistant, honours, directed studies, or honours opportunities you can explore.

Work or volunteer in a lab

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Directed Studies

Directed Studies gives you an opportunity to participate in a research project, as determined by you and your supervising faculty member.

You must have obtained an average of at least 72% in your last 30 credits in order to be eligible for a directed study.The Department of Psychology requires at least 30 upper-level PSYC credits for the psychology major. Directed Study projects with the course numbers PSYC 340, 388, 440, or 488 may not be included for the minimum 30 PSYC credits required for the major program.

  1. Contact a full-time UBC Psychology faculty member (sessional instructors are not eligible to supervise a Directed Study) and ask whether they will supervise your project.
  2. Email with your student number to request the Directed Studies form. Review and complete the required information including a brief summary of the project.
  3. Return completed form to

Student Directed Seminars

Delve deeper into a specific topic in a smaller group setting and gain a rewarding learning experience through Student Directed Seminars.

The Student Directed Seminars program provides upper-year undergraduate students the opportunity to coordinate and lead a small three-credit seminar on a topic not currently offered at UBC.

Educational Psychology: Current Perspectives on Learning and Teaching
Coordinators: Victoria Lansdown & Alana Tacy
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Todd Handy

This course examined psychological experiments in a variety of Educational Psychology topics, including learning types and teaching methods. Students worked together to create a student handbook for a hypothetical school that entails course descriptions, special programs, teacher requirements, academic resources, a school focus, graduation requirements, registration policies and procedures, co-curricular activities/athletics, counseling and career programs. Throughout the course, students researched the most supported psychological advancements in the field of education and engage in weekly open discussions to share their own ideas for national or international academic improvements.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Coordinators: Juliet Meccia & Nicole Di Spirito
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steven Barnes

Developmental disorders are a common neurological issue affecting individuals throughout the course of their lives. To understand the different components of these disorders, we must explore them through various disciplines including psychology, biology, sociology, and education, employing an epigenetic focus. This course provided students an opportunity to study disorders such as autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, Down syndrome and dyslexia and consider their causes, treatments, social impacts, educational challenges, and other factors.


Set yourself apart with BA or BSc Honours.

The two-year honours program is designed to provide advanced training in psychological research to outstanding students who intend to pursue graduate studies in psychology.

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