Pets of UBC Psych: Liza

Liza is a stunner. Have you ever seen a dog carry a hot pink collar like she can?

Meet Liza, the ten-year-young poodle of Dr. Janet Werker. Liza is a beautiful dog, with curly locks and deep eyes. But she is also intelligent.

Liza is adept at languages—which comes as no surprise as her human, Dr. Werker,  is internationally recognized for her research investigating language acquisition and learning in infants. Liza is intelligent, as most poodles are. Although she can’t push doors open, she communicates in a myriad of other ways—and understands what people are saying! Perhaps Liza and Bunny – The Talking Dog on TikTok will get along.

Janet Werker and Liza at the beach

Liza loves spending quality outdoor time with her family and she especially love swimming in lakes and the ocean. Swimming will also help her recovery from canine cruciate ligament surgery.

Liza in recovery mode, still stunning with a leopard print cast.

We hope that Liza is doing better now and has fully recovered from her injury.