Pets of UBC Psych: Chiko

Meet Chiko Cappuccino, the introverted 6-year-old mini poodle of Work Learn staff member Natasya Grisella. Chiko calls Jakarta, Indonesia home and has lived there his entire life. As Natasya is currently studying abroad in Canada, Chiko often waits for her to come home. He perks up and searches for her whenever he hears Natasya’s voice on the phone.

Like many other dogs, Chiko loves to explore in the backyard. He loves barking at wild animals that pass through like lizards, otters, and stray cats. Once, he even ate a lizard because Natasya was frightened by them. 

“Chiko will act tough and bark at other animals, but is terrified by the slightest sound of thunder”
Staff Member

The humid Jakarta air keeps Chiko away from being outdoors for more than fifteen minutes. He likes being indoors to enjoy the cold floors at home. Chiko also prefers to sleep on the cool floor rather than on a bed at night to deal with the heat!

Chiko is picky with his toys and loves some more than the others. He will specifically ask for his pink squeaky pig– it’s his favorite. Besides his toys, he also loves to munch on mangoes, sweet potatoes, and chicken.

When he’s had enough of playing and munching on his delicious snacks, you can find him hiding in his little corner in the garage. He loves his quiet time alone.