Developmental psychology focuses on the way that behaviour changes as the individual goes from infancy through childhood and all the way through to old age. Graduates of the program use their knowledge in a variety of settings including universities, hospitals, community agencies, and industry. Faculty members in the area have a wide range of research and theoretical interests.

New students are admitted to work with a specific faculty member. Students also have the opportunity to interact with more than one member of the area to add breadth and depth to their training. The training is research oriented and the graduate program strives to provide students with a solid foundation in developmental theory and research methodology.

From the first term on campus students are encouraged to undertake a program of increasingly independent research. The variety of course offerings within the university, and a low student-faculty ratio, allow graduate training to be tailored to the needs and interests of individual students. Typically there are about 12 students in the graduate program in developmental psychology.