Cognitive Science

The Cognitive Science area covers a wide range of research and theoretical interests. This includes perception, learning and memory, memory in different physical and emotional contexts, prospective memory, the role of attention in cognition, psychophysics, perception-action interactions, cognition and creativity, cognition during and after general anaesthesia, consciousness, cognitive neuroscience of attention and thought, and perceptual and cognitive development across the adult lifespan.

Primary data used to address these topics include signal detection theoretic measurements of performance, reaction time, EEG, MEG and fMRI recordings of brain activity, and performance of neurological patient populations. The central aim of the program is to ensure that each student acquires an in-depth understanding of research and theorizing in their area of specialization, and that they build up a substantial track record of research in that area. Initially, students work in close collaboration with an advisor, but they are expected to develop into independent researchers as they progress through the program.