Research interests:
Psychological Disorders (especially Bipolar Disorder), Epilepsy, Long Term Potentiation and Metaplasticity, New Media and other Artistic Practices, Artist-Scientist Collaborations, Teaching of Psychology, Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Science Writing. Please note: As Educational Leadership-stream faculty, I do not supervise graduate students.

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Winter 2018

PSYC101 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology Sections

Introduction to Methods and Statistics, Biopsychology, Learning, Perception, Memory, and Cognition. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 100 and PSYC 101.

Winter 2018

PSYC102 Introduction to Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology Sections

Introduction to methods and statistics, motivation, assessment, developmental, personality, clinical, and social psychology. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 100 and PSYC 102.

Winter 2018

PSYC304 Brain and Behaviour Sections

The neurobiological bases of behaviour; brain processes involved in perception, motivation, emotion, psychopathology, learning and memory. Open to all Arts and Science majors except those in the B.Sc. Psychology program. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 304 or PSYC 360.

Winter 2018

PSYC301 Brain Dysfunction and Recovery Sections

Cognitive and behavioral impairments resulting from brain dysfunction. Focus on the efficacy of various intervention approaches.

Winter 2018

PSYC508A Teaching of Psychology - TEACHING OF PSYC Sections

Winter 2018

PSYC371 Behavioural Neuroscience II Sections

Neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity, the physiological bases of several motivated behaviours (sleep, sexual behaviour, hunger and eating, drugs and addiction), cognition, the stress response, and brain dysfunction and recovery.