Dr. Stan Floresco awarded 2019 Daniel H. Efron Research Award

Dr. Stan Floresco, a professor in the department of psychology, was awarded the 2019 Daniel H. Efron Research Award by the American College of Neuropsychopharmacoloy (ACP) in recognition of outstanding basic research contributions to neuropsychopharmacology.

The Efron Research Award is designed to honour researchers whose work emphasizes the interface between basic and clinical research, and  contributes to advancing this field.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Floresco on this honour!

Citation by ACP

Dr. Stan Floresco

As a principal investigator, Dr. Floresco’s research focuses on neural circuits which facilitate different forms of cognition, including learning, decision making, behavioural flexibility and executive functioning. Dr. Floresco develops models for how the healthy brain solves certain types of problems and utilizes these models to identify mechanisms that may underlie impairments in cognitive functioning associated with different diseases such as stimulant addiction, schizophrenia and depression. In addition to his major contributions ot the study of neural circuits involved in cognition, Dr. Floresco’s lab has pioneered animal models to represent the neuropharmacology of schizophrenia and drug addiction which can be used to guide the development of new therapeutic approaches.