Pets of UBC Psych: Cali & Raven

From L-R: Cali, Raven

In Medieval times, black cats were associated with witchcraft and bad luck. However, to undergraduate student Khushi Mehta, Cali and Raven have been anything but bad luck. These two globules spend their mornings lazing, afternoons sleeping, and evenings lying in warm blankets. We wish for a life half as lethargic as theirs!

Cali and Raven have a large list of nicknames, mostly because the humans they live with find them adorable, and partly because their names are just that easy to turn into nicknames.

Cali – lovingly known as Calster Baxter, Cali bongo, cal cal, sweetums, Calster, cali baby – loves hiding in small spaces. If you are trying to find her, good luck, because she won’t make her hiding spot known. She loves digging through soil, and trying to smell everything new and interesting. Her favorite place to be is under a large monstera plant.


Cali loves monstera plants – too bad they are toxic to cats

“She will find the weirdest nook or cranny to take an uncomfortably long nap - sometimes spanning more than five hours at a time.”
Undergraduate student and human of Cali and Raven

Cali taking a nap

Cali awoken from another nap because her humans couldn’t find her









Raven – also known as ravioli, Revlon, ravy baby, ravion – is a big chonky cat; bigger than a cat of her breed is supposed to be which always stresses out the vet. However, the running theory is that she is a baby panther who found her way into a litter of black cats. Regardless of her intimidating size, she is a scaredy cat and is anxious of anything and everything. She is food motivated, which is the only reason she has been able to try new things.

Raven is missing all her front teeth so her tongue often pokes out.

Raven’s favourite spot in the house is this carpet. Bonus points if there is a warm sun spot on it.










“She is especially attuned to me and will follow all of my movements closely, sometimes even figuring out what emotion I am feeling before I do.”
Undergraduate student and parent to Cali and Raven

Her human will often find Raven staring intently at her movements – weird, but somehow very pure