Finnix – Pets of UBC Psych

Meet Finnix, the four-year-old Grey Tabby. He’s the adoring cat of undergraduate student Jennifer Hamilton and he always has some mischief up his furry sleeves!

Similar to our previous submission Chiko, Finfin likes being indoors. But Fin is not your ordinary cat. He has a unique way of getting around when he’s under the bed. Lying on his back, he manoeuvres like a scene straight out of “The Exorcist,” using the bed frame and slats to glide around in spooky style.

When Fin isn’t captivating his family through his bed acrobatics, he can be found at the kitchen counter casting glares, silently hoping that someone will feed him a bit of whatever’s cooking!

Chef Finfin in action, subtly judging those who don’t feed him right away!

And when it’s time to rest, Finnix transforms into a tiny human. He sleeps with his head on the pillow and snuggles under the blanket right beside Jennifer.

Finnix enjoying his cat-nap by snuggling up!

Finnix, often lovingly referred to as Finfin, Finico, or Fin, brings his flair for drama even when it’s time to wind down. Jennifer shares that one time while sleeping, a sudden muscle spasm during a cuddle session frightened Finfin so much that in his panic, he left her with a scar. In his rush to escape, Fin cleverly leveraged Jennifer’s arm but accidentally left a scar along her forearm. It’s now a tender reminder of their close (and occasionally startling) bond!

We can never get enough of Finnix and his peculiar habits!