Kiwi – Pets of UBC Psych

Kiwi rocking her UBC scarf as she looks around for belly rubs!

Meet Kiwi, the 2-year-old Chihuahua and Papillon mix. She’s the cutest little pup of undergraduate student Kyla Nadeau and she loves being outdoors.

Often lovingly referred to as Stinky, Kiwi lights up everyone’s day with her adorable smile and belly rub requests. When it comes to asking for belly rubs, Kiwi is known to be super persuasive!

“To get someone to rub her belly she will come up to you and sit back on her hind legs until you cave in.”
Undergraduate student

Kiwi flashing her sweetest smile, we’re guessing after convincing everyone to give her the best belly rubs.

Much like our previous submission Cooper, Kiwi is a ball of energy when it comes to hiking and traveling. She loves prancing around in the park and car rides are her absolute happy place.

“Anytime she can go for a car ride or be with her people she is a happy girl!”
Undergraduate student

Kiwi showing off her adventurous side by taking a nature walk.

She adores being around her family and we’re sure Kiwi puts a smile across everyone’s face wherever she goes!