Cooper – Pets of UBC Psych

Meet the adorable Cooper, the tennis-ball enthusiast and a perfect cuddle buddy!

Cooper is the fun-loving 5-year-old pup of undergraduate student Jasper Ho. Cooper is a pit bull and chihuahua mix and can be lovingly referred to as Coop-a-Doop!

Like most good doggos, Cooper likes playing fetch, but our quirky friend loves his tennis balls and carries them everywhere he goes! Cooper even likes to sleep with them in his mouth or right by his chest (aww!)

Funnily, Cooper shares his name with our previous submission (also, Cooper!), and will resort to courageously barking at wild boars in his yard, but is afraid of paper bags!

Cooper rocking his moo-print cowboy hat (we’re guessing after successfully barking at the boars in his yard)

Coop-a-Doop is an adventurous bud and loves surfing! When Jasper and his friends took him to a windy lookout in Hawaii, Cooper had other plans and wanted to be one with the wind!

“He (Cooper) wanted to be picked up and held like Simba so he could look over at the view with the wind in his face.”
Undergraduate student

Cooper giving off Simba energy on every adventure he undertakes!

We’re so on board for adorable Cooper having his Lion King moment!