ConGRADulations to our MA and PhD fall graduates!

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Tuum Est. It is yours.

UBC Psychology extends our warmest gratitude to our graduating students for allowing us to be a part of your journey. We are excited to see you walk across the stage at UBC’s fall 2022 graduation ceremony on November 24 and 25.

Congratulations and hats off to our graduating master’s and doctoral students!

MA Graduates

Name: Tiana Broen

Thesis Title: Pain and loneliness as obstacles to physical activity: Time sampling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Name: Brandon Forys

Thesis Title: Gender moderates the relationship between mood disorder symptoms and effortful avoidance performance

Name: Tsz Yin Fung (Ian)

Thesis Title: Gender moderates the relationship between mood disorder symptoms and effortful avoidance performance

Name: Sofia Gray

Thesis Title: Effect of a territorial challenge on the steroid profile of a juvenile songbird

Name: Persephone Larkin

Thesis Title: Development of a measure of hoarding-related tasks

Name: Sonia Milani

Thesis Title: Validation of MouseView.js as an online alternative to eye-tracking in sex research

Name: Caroline Miller

Thesis Title: Social Skill Deficit Profiles in ADHD and Comorbid Disorders

Name: Julia Sharon Nakamura

Thesis Title: Informal helping and subsequent health and well-being in older U.S. adults

Name: Lydia Ong

Thesis Title: Everyday discrimination, daily affect, and physical symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic

Name: Lucas Palmer

Thesis Title: The near-miss effect in online slot-machine gambling: a series of conceptual replications

Name: Edwina Laure Picon

Thesis Title: Persistent subjective memory problems after concussion

Name: Eloise West

Thesis Title: The relationship between children’s metacognitive judgements of knowledge and verbal disfluency

Name: Francis Yuen

Thesis Title: Origins of dehumanization: Infant’s goal attribution to linguistic in-group and out-group members

MA students Titania Dixon-Luinenburg, Ian Hohm, and Elise Catherine Ng-Cordell are also graduating in fall 2022.

PhD Graduates

Name: Dr. Ryan Dwyer

Citation: Dr. Dwyer found that cash transfers improved housing, stability and financial security for the homeless, and he quantified the well-being benefits of cash transfers across the global socioeconomic spectrum. His findings demonstrate that cash assistance may be an effective way to help those who are homeless or living in poverty.

Name: Dr. Anthea Pun

Citation: Dr. Pun studied how humans begin to reason about social group status. Her research reveals that infants as young as six-months-old expect a larger group to prevail during a conflict. Furthermore, bystanders that witness the conflict are only expected to help members from their own group. These findings suggest that infants may be born with the capacity to make inferences about social status.

Dr. Rachele Benjamin, Dr. Lihan Chen, Dr. Klint Wing Hei Fung, Dr. Drake Levere, and Dr. Tianyou Qiu are also graduating in fall 2022.

By Khushi Mehta