Cooper – Pets of UBC Psych

Meet Cooper Xavier Dayal, our first international pet!

Cooper Xavier Dayal is the adorable 5-year-old pup of undergraduate student Osheen Dayal. He is a Beagador, a mix of Beagles and Labradors. He can be lovingly referred to as Coopie Doopie or Coopsie Doopsie.

Like most Beagles, Cooper is extremely intelligent and has that stunning smile that is uncannily Beagle. He gets his social and kind nature from the Labrador side of his family. However, this is contingent on not seeing a squirrel while on a walk. Once he’s spotted a squirrel, there’s no stopping him.

“Cooper is a picky eater and will never fetch his ball at the dog park, but will fetch every other dog's ball.”
Undergraduate student

Much like our previous submission Liza, Cooper has also learnt how to communicate. He makes use of buttons to talk to his human, especially the ‘hungry’ button by slamming it non-stop after eating a meal. Osheen promises that he is fed the correct amount of food and that he’s just very expressive.

Cooper taking a well-deserved nap after barking at sticks and squirrels (we guess)

He loves sticks and once tried to pull out a tree from the river. As strong and big as he is, he obviously did not succeed and resorted to barking at it. We understand, it was definitely the sticks fault.

Cooper with his human Osheen

While UBC Psychology has a lot of international students, Cooper represents our first international pet as he is Indian! He is also the best doggu!