Wonder Kids | Saturday Series with Dr. Andrew Baron

Saturday June 19, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Wonder Kids is a series of virtual talks on the fascinating world of child development, hosted each month through June 2021.

Led by the Directors of UBC’s Early Development Research Group – some of the world’s leading developmental psychologists – we invite you to join the conversation on language, learning and social development!


Dr. Andrew Baron, Associate Professor and Founder and Director of the Living Lab at Science World.


What do babies know about social dominance?


Humans are a social species. We live in groups, strive to affiliate with others, and feel sadness and despair when rejected by others. To successfully navigate social life, we must understand that there are status hierarchies and some individuals are (or can be) more dominant over other individuals. This talk will highlight some exciting research findings from Dr. Baron’s Social Cognitive Development Lab exploring how infants and children understand and reason about social groups and social dominance.