UBC Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference

Thursday September 29, 2016
4:00 PM - 4:00 PM

13558847_1740770012863872_7337923066361695567_oDiscover new neuroscience research at the first UBC Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference.

The UBC Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference, hosted by the UBC Neuroscience Club (UNC), brings together the neuroscience community at UBC to celebrate undergraduate research.
This event consists of an undergraduate poster and oral competition, faculty guest speakers, and light refreshments. Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and all members of the neuroscience community at UBC are welcome to participate.
The two faculty guest speakers are Dr. Neil Cashman Professor, UBC Department of Neurology, and Dr. Lawrence Ward, Professor, UBC Department of Psychology.


The UBC Neuroscience Club is a collective of undergraduate students striving to inspire creative thinking to better understand the mysteries of the brain. From basic laboratory techniques to critical analyses of data, we offer our members the chance to learn and be a part of the process behind scientific research being done at the University of British Columbia. Through these opportunities, we will foster a neuroscientific community at UBC. Email: ubcneuroscienceclub@gmail.com