UBC Homecoming | Demonstrating Health with the Health and Adult Development Lab

Saturday September 22, 2018
02:30 PM - 02:30 PM
Lobby, School of Population and Public Health

As part of Alumni Day at Homecoming, the Faculties of Applied Science, Arts, Dentistry, Land & Food Systems, Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be showcasing some of the exciting work currently happening in and around UBC, and hosting a complimentary reception. Everyone is welcome, with a special invite to alumni and their families!
Dr. Christiane Hoppmann, Canada Research Chair in Health and Adult Development, and the Health and Adult Development Lab are taking part in the exhibit and bringing their mobile lab to you! Visit their table to learn first hand how partners shape each other’s health—particularly after a stroke. Experience the technology used, including an app designed by the lab, perform the cognitive tasks, try the health monitoring devices, and learn about health indicators, such as portion control and lifestyle changes.
For more information, visit the UBC Homecoming website. See the full list of Alumni Day events taking place at UBC Homecoming on September 22.

In It Together

How does your partner impact your health choices? And to what degree? The Department of Psychology’s Dr. Christiane Hoppmann and her team at the Health and Adult Development Lab are investigating the influence of social relationships on our health and wellbeing.
Modern medicine, coupled with healthier living habits, has almost doubled our life expectancy over the past century. Most people don’t want to just grow old; they want to age well. And research tells us that healthy behaviours are linked in couples.
UBC’s Health and Adult Development Lab is exploring how partners shape each other’s health —particularly after a stroke. With older couples as key partners, the researchers are capturing the everyday experiences that draw partners towards healthy activities and choices. This knowledge will inform evidence-based strategies to improve the health of Canadians, both young and old.

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