Job Talk: Meghan Miller | Clinical Area

Thursday December 1, 2016
12:30 PM - 12:30 PM

Title: How low can you go? A transdiagnostic perspective on early neurodevelopmental risk
Abstract: Much progress has been made in the last decade with regard to identifying early markers of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in infancy, but relatively less research has focused on this in ADHD. Additionally, very little work has been done on the identification of transdiagnostic factors in infancy/early childhood that underlie symptom development of both syndromes. Such an approach appears relevant to the study of ASD and ADHD because of evidence of shared biological and behavioral features, making it likely that some early behavioral indicators also overlap serving as general indices of atypical development that could be leveraged for transdiagnostic treatment development and prevention efforts. In this presentation, I will describe the work done to date focused on the early emergence of ASD, provide a rationale for applying these methods to new populations, and conclude with early findings from a project focused on identifying shared and distinct developmental pathways to ASD and ADHD among infants at risk.