CANCELLED! Everything you wanted to know about teaching at a small college (but were afraid to ask) with Dr. Wendy Morris

Thursday March 14, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Wendy Morris’s talk has been CANCELLED as the speaker is unable to make the trip for personal reasons. We hope to re-schedule for a future semester. 

Dr. Wendy Morris, a professor at McDaniel College, will be giving a talk entitled Everything you wanted to know about teaching at a small college (but were afraid to ask).

The talk is sponsored by the Social/Personality area, but all grad students are encouraged to attend. Plus, free donuts!


What is it like to teach and do research at a small Liberal Arts College?  What are the expectations regarding teaching, research, and service?  How is working at a college different from working at a Research 1 University? How do faculty remain active researchers while carrying a plentiful teaching load and without the help of graduate students?  What are search committees looking for?  What can I do to make myself a strong candidate for a position at a small Liberal Arts College?  If you’ve had these questions and haven’t known whom to ask, come hear the experiences and advice of Dr. Wendy Morris who earned her Ph.D. from UVA and is now an Associate Professor of Psychology, the Acting Dean of the Faculty, and has served on many search committees at McDaniel College in Maryland. Bring all of your questions!

As a social psychologist, I study many factors which affect how we perceive and behave toward other people and how our self-perceptions are shaped by our social environment. My two main research interests include stereotyping and discrimination based on romantic relationship status as well as lie detection and lying within friendships. In research collaborations with medical doctors, I have also studied patients’ emotional reactions to stigmatizing health conditions.

In my research lab, I have advised student-driven projects on various social psychological topics including stereotype threat and gender differences in negotiation, perceptions of gay men and lesbians, coaches’ perceptions of eating disorders in college athletes, the social contagion of laughter, and the effects of punk music on nonconformist behavior.