Colloquium with Dr. John Cacioppo

Thursday March 23, 2017
12:30 PM - 1:50 PM



Dr. John Cacioppo, University of Chicago


Social Neuroscience Through the Lens of Social Isolation


John Cacioppo (Photo: Robert Kozloff)

Social neuroscience is an interdisciplinary perspective that seeks to specify the behavioral, neural, hormonal, cellular, and genetic mechanisms underlying social structures and processes and to identify the effects of social structures and processes on neural, hormonal, cellular and genetic mechanisms.  Such an endeavor necessitates mapping across multiple systems and levels (from molecules to cultures) in coordinated efforts by interdisciplinary scientific teams, comparative studies that bridge the abyss between animal models and human research, innovative methods and quantitative approaches that unveil cause and effects across multiple levels (and disciplinary domains), and integrative conceptual analyses.  Social isolation as a lens through which to study the social brain is used to illustrate this perspective.


John Cacioppo‘s research focuses on perceived social isolation (e.g., what is termed loneliness in humans) and the social brain.

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