Diversity Mentorship Program: Apply by Aug 2

Friday August 2, 2024

Applications for our Diversity Mentorship Program are open until August 2!

This program provides mentorship and professional development for students from diverse, under-resourced, traditionally underrepresented, and/or marginalized backgrounds. It’s geared towards advanced undergraduates or recent graduates who want to pursue research-oriented graduate studies and research careers in psychology.

The program is open to people anywhere in the world through a hybrid format. Workshops will be held throughout the academic year on topics such as:

  • Career options in psychology
  • Planning your unique academic and professional path
  • How to apply for graduate school, funding, and the interview process
  • Diversity in academic psychology

Interested in being a mentor?

Are you a current UBC Psychology graduate student or postdoctoral researcher? Mentor undergraduate students!

Testimonials from program participants

“Thank you very much for offering this program! I have learned lots from my mentor, and we had great times chatting. The workshops were also very helpful and informative. Especially the online option and recordings, which provide much more flexibility. I feel much more confident and prepared to prepare for my graduate studies.”

“I got to learn additional information on applying for scholarship as well as finding opportunities outside for a gap year which are extremely useful. I also got inspired a lot by hearing about other mentors journey and felt grateful for any tips they gave about the application process.”

“I loved the opportunity to be a part of this program and have tremendous gratitude for my mentor, their kindness and the guidance, direction and opportunities I was presented with.”

“One of the benefits I experienced in this program is that I could find a mentor who studied the same topics that interest me and shares a similar diverse background with me. We can both talk about exciting research topics, and I can get advice about grad school”

“As an international student, I feel very satisfied that programs such as this exist. In Latin America, it is very difficult to find mentors to help apply to graduate school, but this program has been extremely helpful. Thank you, and I hope that more students can benefit from this.”