Directed Studies

Directed Studies gives you an opportunity to participate in a research project, as determined by you and your supervising faculty member. You must have obtained an average of at least 72% in your last 30 credits in order to be eligible for a directed study.

  1. Contact a full-time UBC Psychology faculty member (Sessional instructors are not eligible to supervise a Directed Study) and ask whether they will supervise your project.
  2. Pick up the Directed Study form from the Psychology Department office and complete the required information including a brief summary of the project. When the form is complete, return it to the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor’s office (Kenny Bldg. Room 2502). Refer to the Advising Schedule for drop-off times.

Note: The Department of Psychology requires at least 30 upper-level PSYC credits for the Psychology Major. Directed Study projects with the course numbers PSYC 340, 348, 440, or 448 may not be included for the minimum 30 PSYC credits required for the Major Program.