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Expand your knowledge of psychology research! We have a number of opportunities available if you’re interested in working, volunteering — or even participating — in a lab. Explore our labs by research area:

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Participate in a study and learn first-hand about leading research by UBC Psychology. Below are UBC Psychology labs seeking participants.Put your psychology skills to use by volunteering or working in one of our research labs. Below are UBC Psychology labs with open Research Assistant positions.

Perfectionism Treatment Study
Perfectionism involves demanding perfection of oneself or others as well as being harshly critical and is associated with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and many other personal problems. The Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab is currently conducting a study on treatments for perfectionism. If you have difficulties with perfectionism and would like to receive treatment as part […]

The Centre for Collaborative Research on Hoarding
The Centre for Collaborative Research on Hoarding is seeking participants for a study on ownership and decision making. Contact the Centre if you are an English speaker and you are at least 19 years old. You will be asked to: Talk about your saving habits on the phone Make decisions about household objects (online or at UBC) Complete several […]

UBC Interpersonal Lab
Are you socially anxious? Is social anxiety your main concern? We are looking for adults with social anxiety to participate in a study on UBC campus. If you are interested, we will conduct a brief 10-15 minute phone interview to assess your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will be invited into the lab for two sessions, […]

UBC Visual Cognition Lab
The UBC Visual Cognition Lab has multiple interesting paid experiments running all term long that need your help. Sign up at: Lab website:

Social Cognition and Emotion Lab
Wondering how time impacts you and your partner’s decision making? Take part in this new study and find out! The lab is collecting data for a study investigating how time impacts couples’ daily decision making. There are no restrictions to participate in this study; the only requirement is that participants are in a current romantic […]

Social Cognitive Development Lab
Want to learn about child development through fun and innovative research? Join the Social Cognitive Development Lab as a Research Assistant! Contact the Social Cognitive Development Lab for more details. Web: Email:  baronlabmgr[at]

This project invites stroke survivors and their partners to participate in a study on everyday health behaviours, such as physical activity and diet. Take part in our research and help us understand how we can promote the health of stroke survivors and their spouses in the future! After participating in our study, you will receive […]

UBC Psychology Paid Studies
Need some extra cash? Take part in paid studies. Please check the eligibility requirements for each study. Some studies are only open to UBC students, others are open to the general public.

Human Subject Pool
The Human Subject Pool (HSP) is an essential and valuable component of UBC Psychology’s teaching and research. Undergraduate students can also earn extra credits by participating.

Social Identity Lab
Looking to get more hands-on research experience in psychology? This might be for you! We are looking for undergraduate students who are interested in becoming volunteer research assistants or direct studies students (working on a project for credit in the fall) in our social psychology lab(! We are especially looking for students to join a […]

Social Cognition and Emotion Lab
Hoping to get some research experience this summer? The UBC Social Cognition and Emotion Lab is currently seeking dedicated volunteer research assistants to help conduct research on how to motivate people to prepare for earthquakes. This is a unique opportunity to collect data in a field setting and to learn more about harnessing psychological research […]

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Lab
The Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Lab is recruiting volunteers! We are looking for a student who is: A strong, dedicated, and hardworking psychology (or related) student in 2nd year or higher Planning on attending grad school and wants to improve your CV Interested in learning more about the research process and obtaining first-hand experience Looking […]

The Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab
The Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab (Principal Investigator: Dr. Paul Hewitt) is looking for volunteer research assistants who would like to be involved in child perfectionism studies. These projects are collaborative projects with the K. I. D. Studies Centre (Principal Investigator: Dr. Susan Birch), and all our participants are children and their parents. This is a […]

Health and Adult Development Lab
Are you looking for research experience in health psychology? The Health and Adult Development Lab is looking for research assistants for a new technology-based study on goal regulation in older couples. Research assistants will gain hands-on research experience that includes learning about research ethics, preparing study materials, recruiting and screening participants, running participant sessions, entering […]