Smartphone and Sleep Study

UBC’s Social Health Lab is inviting individuals to participate in a study about smartphone use, well-being, and sleep.

We are searching for participants who have an Android smartphone and are either 14-18 or 50+ years old.

This study includes:

  • Two 30- to 40-minute sessions with a research assistant
  • Five 1-minute, daily surveys at home across 7 days
  • Participants will complete surveys, wear a sleep watch, and install a research app that monitors how they use their phones (this app will NOT monitor contacts or the content of conversation)
  • If you are 14-18, you will be given a $50 amazon gift card
  • If you are 50+ you will be given $75 cash

Participants can choose to meet at a coffee shop in Greater Vancouver that is convenient for them or at UBC Psychology’s Douglas T. Kenny Building. If participants choose to meet at a coffee shop, we will buy them a non-alcoholic drink.

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