Fitness, Aging, and Stress Lab at UBC: Exercise and Social Interaction Trial (EAST)

The Exercise and Social Interaction Trial (EAST) is recruiting participants. The study is being conducted by the Fitness, Aging, and Stress (FAST) Lab at the University of British Columbia, led by Principal Investigator Dr. Eli Puterman and Co-Investigator Dr. Frances Chen. The EAST team will be exploring the effects of exercise on how we respond to social events.

Study title: Exercise and Social Interaction Trial

Principal Investigator: Dr. Eli Puterman

Who can participate?

Participants must meet the following criteria to participate. Additional criteria may apply.

  • Between 18 to 30 years of age
  • Free from any medical conditions affecting your heart, lungs, or ability to exercise
  • Free from any clinically diagnosed psychiatric disorders
  • Not taking hormonal birth control

What does my participation involve?

The study will require participants to attend in person at the FAST Lab located on the UBC Vancouver campus for two separate visits.

(1) FIRST VISIT: otherwise known as “Day 1” will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will be asked to fill out some brief questionnaires and then complete a 20-minute graded maximal treadmill test to measure your aerobic fitness status. You will also be fitted with physiological monitoring devices.

(2) SECOND VISIT: otherwise known as “Day 2” will take 4.5 hours to complete. The protocol is similar to Day 1 – you will be refitted with the equipment and will complete a 30-minute run, which includes a warmup period, at a fixed intensity that is lower than your maximum. This will be followed by a 5-minute recovery period and extended sitting period. Following this we will ask you to participate in a short social interaction and then complete a final 70-minute rest period. 12 saliva samples will be collected periodically throughout this visit.

Purpose of the study:
The EAST is interested in how different intensities of exercise impacts our responses to social interactions.

Type of compensation:
Following the completion of your participation, you will receive a complimentary fitness assessment. You will also receive a cash honorarium or HSP credits (depending on your method of sign-up).

How do I get involved?
Please email the research team at or make an appointment through the website.