Research interests:
My research interests lie at the interface of cognition and emotion. My research program investigates the neural underpinnings of affective salience, or the emotional importance of aspects of the environment. I am interested in how affective salience biases attention and memory, and how such affective biases develop over the lifespan and ultimately influence emotional health and wellbeing. How does our life experience combine with our genetic inheritance so that we see and remember specific aspects of the world? What interactions between genetic predisposition and experience create filters that allow us to thrive or render us susceptible to addiction or psychopathology?

My research employs a multi-method approach to study the development of complex cognitive/affective processes across the human lifespan. This includes use of EEG, fMRI, psychophysiology, eye tracking, and genotyping methods to assess how common genetic variations interact with life experience to shape brain activity underlying emotional filters for perceiving and remembering.

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Winter 2017

PSYC365 Cognitive Neuroscience Sections

Brain mechanisms underlying cognitive processes such as perception, attention, consciousness, and memory.