Research interests: perception, attention, vision, cognition, development, human-machine interaction

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Winter 2018

PSYC309A Cognitive Processes - COGNTV PROCESSES Sections

Contribution of cognitive processes to perception, attention, and memory; cognitive development, language, thinking, and creativity.

Winter 2018

PSYC366 Methods in Research Sections

Detailed coverage of basic research methods; the design of experiments and statistical analysis; methods will be applied in laboratory and project work. Please consult the Faculty of Science Credit Exclusion List:,215,410,414.

Winter 2018

PSYC546B Seminar in Psychological Problems - ANLY OF VARIANCE Sections

Winter 2018

PSYC278 Analysis of Behavioural and Neuroscientific Data Sections

Statistical methods for use in behavioural neuroscience.