Research interests: attention, self-relevance, ownership, cognitive psychology, scholarshipof teaching and learning.

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Winter 2017

PSYC101 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology Sections

Introduction to Methods and Statistics, Biopsychology, Learning, Perception, Memory, and Cognition. Credit will be granted for only one of PSYC 100 and PSYC 101.

Winter 2017

PSYC207 Contemporary Topics in Biological and Cognitive Psychology Sections

A focus on the interpretation of contemporary research in neuroscience, cognition, perception, memory, and learning.

Winter 2017

PSYC218 Analysis of Behavioural Data Sections

Use of inferential statistics in psychology and conceptual interpretation of data; experimental design (laboratory, field research methods); presentation of data analyses in reports. PSYC 218 excludes credit for a number of other statistics courses in various departments. Please consult the Science Exclusion List (,215,410,414) before registering.

Winter 2017

PSYC309A Cognitive Processes - COGNTV PROCESSES Sections

Contribution of cognitive processes to perception, attention, and memory; cognitive development, language, thinking, and creativity.