UBC Psychology student awards announced

Each year, UBC Psychology students are recognized for their department contributions and overall academic achievements. Please join us in congratulating our exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who received the following awards:

Undergraduate award recipients

Jean Bolocan Prize (outstanding BA student in final year of study)
Sandy Yee
Eric Eich Award (outstanding BA student in final year of study)
Bob Zhao
Richard Tees Award (outstanding BSc student in final year of study)
Elaine Chan
PSYC 217 best research paper
Ling-Yi Chen
Psychology Students’ Association (PSA) award (for outstanding marks and departmental involvement)
Christina van den Brink
Naiomi Neufeld
Peter Crocker Award (most outstanding student in the Health area)
Maia Buschmann
Belkin Prize for Best Honours Thesis
Nathan Wispinski
Belkin Prize for Best Thesis (non-honours)
Maia Buschmann

Graduate award recipients

BCPA Medal in Psychology (overall achievement in the graduate program)
William Dunlop
Belkin Prize (best PhD dissertation) and CPA Certificate of Excellence (PhD-level)
William Dunlop
Coren Prize (best MA thesis)
Ellen Stephenson
CPA Certificate of Excellence (MA-level)
Ellen Stephenson & Rui Mary Jia

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