UBC Psychology faculty receive SSHRC funding to advance their research

Faculty from the department of psychology received federal funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

These awards were announced as part of the Government of Canada’s investment of more than $635 million for research. Projects led by UBC researchers and new and renewed UBC Canada Research Chairs were awarded approximately $48 million of this announced investment.

Funding for faculty from the department of psychology was received from SSHRC’s Partnership Development Grants and SSHRC’s Insight Grants. These investments will fund a number of psychology projects including the building of collaborative networks in infant behavioural research, understanding the intrapersonal expression of perfection, and investigating the role of coping in couples and how to cope with others’ distress.

The following psychology faculty received funding for these projects:

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant
Partnership Development Grants support formal partnerships between postsecondary institutions and public, private or not-for-profit organizations that will advance knowledge and understanding on critical issues of intellectual, social, economic and cultural significance. 

  • Dr. Kiley Hamlin
    Building large-scale collaborative networks in infant and behavioural research
    $ 200,000 (2 years)
“This project brings together hundreds of behavioural scientists to develop new research practices for large-scale grassroots collaborations, which allow us to answer questions together that no scientist or lab could answer alone. We are thrilled that SSHRC shares our vision to develop a new and more open way of conducting research, and are looking forward to developing develop tools and infrastructure to help others engaging in similar efforts.”
Professor, UBC Psychology

SSHRC Partnership Grant
Partnership Grants support large teams working in a formal collaboration between postsecondary institutions and public, private or not-for-profit organizations. T

  • Dr. Janet Werker (Co-applicant)
    CINEXMEDIA: Ensuring Well-Being in the Screen Age: A Partnership Supporting the Inclusive Use of Cinematic Experiences in Health, Education, and Society.
    $2,499,244 (7 years)

SSHRC Insight Grants
Insight Grants support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities. Funding is available to both emerging and established scholars for research initiatives of two to five years.

  • Dr. Frances Chen
    What happens when we turn away? Comparing empathic disengagement and engagement as modes of coping with others’ distress
    $ 140,749  (3 years)
  • Dr. Anita DeLongis
    Dyadic coping in couples: What types of support are helpful?
    $ 94,955  (2 years)
  • Dr. Paul Hewitt
    Co-applicant: Dr. Susan Birch
    Intrapersonal Expression of Perfection: The Perfectionistic Self-Relationship
    $ 382,365  (5 years)
  • Dr. Connor Kerns
    UBC co-applicants: Dr. Daniela Palombo, Dr. Jason Rights
    Social skill and social disconnection: Investigating the role of memory
    $ 222,579 (5 years)
“With this SSHRC Insight Grant, we’ll look at some issues in perfectionism from a different perspective than has been used before. It is exciting to address some issues that will be very helpful both in terms of links with psychopathology, relationship, and physical health problems but also psychotherapeutic treatments.”
Professor, UBC Psychology