UBC Arts recognizes Psychology graduating student leaders in the Class of 2022

The Faculty of Arts announced a list of inspiring students who are building communities in Arts, at UBC and beyond.

Learn about the experiences of award nominees, graduating with a BA in Psychology in 2022.

Shuren Batkhuu (she/her), Psychology

Shuren Batkhuu

What student leadership opportunity had the most impact on you during your time at UBC?

Working as a Student Advisor to provide one-on-one coaching sessions for my peers as they entered the working world was the perfect opportunity for me to mentor and connect with a diverse set of individuals with unique sets of intersectional identities.

What did you learn about yourself at UBC?

I learned that I have the capability to receive every grade letter on my transcript! This is to say that the only difference between my first F and my first A+ was the environment that I situated myself in, where I did not initially have the skillset to make intentional changes in my university life to reach my goals. The caring team of UBC advisors taught me that this is a learned trait that can be improved and that there are trained professionals excited to help you reach your full potential if you are courageous enough to reach out for help.

Connie Huang (she/her), Psychology

Connie Huang

What student leadership opportunity had the most impact on you during your time at UBC?

Being a part of the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) has been the most significant involvement of my undergraduate years. I started my time off looking to connect with more of my peers, and now I’ve spent four years being part of this organization working towards implementing and creating change for the larger Arts community. I am grateful for all the collaboration, support, and innovation the AUS has given to me.

What did you learn about yourself at UBC?

I learned to push myself out of my own comfort zone and seek experiences that brought excitement and fulfillment. Doing so has allowed me to further my own growth as an individual and bring new perspectives and ideas to my academic and professional life. Finding the right communities or clubs that were the best fit for me really helped to facilitate this.

Mikaela Joy Kawaley-Lathan (she/her/they/them), Psychology and Theatre Design and Production

Mikaela Joy Kawaley-Lathan

What student leadership opportunity had the most impact on you during your time at UBC?

Founding FABIPOC was a whirlwind journey that helped me connect with alumni, staff, faculty, and my peers in a different way. I never would have imagined creating a community-led drive for change at a departmental level – it was daunting! But the skills, experiences, and support I was given throughout it gave me a new perspective on creating policy-level change.

What did you learn about yourself at UBC?

I dismantled the idea that in order to be a successful leader, I needed to submit to a eurocentric idea of “professionalism.” UBC has provided me with the opportunity to lead in a way that feels natural and authentic to me – and the space to discover how effective alternative leadership approaches can be. Leading with compassion, humor and empathy helped me create meaningful change and meaningful connections.

Recognized Leaders Within the Arts Community

The following Psychology graduating students were also recognized by their peers, advisors, mentors, and professors for their extraordinary leadership within the Faculty of Arts. (The names are listed in alphabetical order)

  1. Simone Goldberg, Psychology
  2. Val Laut, Political Science and Psychology
  3. Meghna Srivastava, Psychology and Political Science
  4. Nadya Tan, Psychology
  5. Tam To, Psychology
  6. Yunong Wang, Psychology
  7. Jess Wylie, Psychology
  8. Stephanie Yu, Honours Psychology

Join us to congratulate our Psychology graduating students for their achievements!

A version of this story was originally published on the UBC Faculty of Arts website.