Two psychology researchers receive UBC Killam Research Fellowships

Dr. Frances Chen and Dr. Kristin Lauren (L-R) are recipients of UBC Killam Research Fellowships.

Dr. Frances Chen and Dr. Kristin Laurin have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to research, receiving 2019 Killam Research Fellowships (Junior Category) from the University of British Columbia.

The fellowship assists promising faculty members who wish to devote full time research and study in their field during a recognized study leave.

Dr. Frances Chen is an associate professor in the department of psychology and principal investigator of the Social Health Lab. Her research explores the intersection of social psychology and health psychology, linking our social lives (and, increasingly, our online social lives), mental health and physical health.

With this support, she plans to investigate how ovarian hormones influence women’s social functioning and mental health across the lifespan.

“I'm excited and grateful to receive a UBC Killam Research Fellowship. This award will allow me to establish and strengthen connections with colleagues and academic collaborators around the world and to advance my programme of research during my study leave.”
Associate Professor, UBC Psychology

Dr. Kristin Laurin is an associate professor in the department of psychology and principal investigator of the MAGIC Lab. Her research investigates how people’s goals and motivations interact with their beliefs and ideologies – about politics, about religion, or about the nature of the world.

With her fellowship, she plans to start a working group to join together leading scholars of the psychology of social class. Her goal is to move this young subfield forward with purpose and a systematic plan.

“Thanks to the Killam, I’ll be able to take time away from day-to-day project management and other department responsibilities to focus full-time on starting a new initiative that will persist long after the fellowship itself is over.”
Associate Professor, UBC Psychology

Winners were selected by UBC’s Faculty Research Award Committee, which spans arts and humanities, business, applied science, science, and medicine. Each spring, the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation hosts an awards reception to recognize outstanding UBC researchers. This year the reception will be held on April 15, 2020 at the Jack Poole Hall of the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Frances Chen and Dr. Kristin Lauren on their outstanding achievement!

By Sharon Chen