Pets of UBC Psych: Mong

Mong in her favourite places: in bed, and inside a plastic bag.

Mong is undergraduate student Jess Jeon’s 7-year-old best friend. As per her age, Mong believes that she is the true matriarch and boss of the house. You will find that her choice of throne is a comfortable bag, either placed on the sofa or table. If you needed the bag, forget about it – it is now her cushion.

People wildly underestimate cats, slotting them as being calm, level-headed, sweet creatures. While aligning with all of the above, Mong, or Mongsha, rules over all with the bossy demeanor that can only be achieved through years of experience. Don’t let her size fool you, she is the true boss of her humans, other animals, and even strangers.

“One time when my friend wore shorts, she had to borrow my pants because Mong tried to attack her. Even though she attacks strangers, she is so nice to her humans”
Undergraduate student and parent of Mong

We will gladly allow Mong to conquer the world, starting with the Department of Psychology at UBC!