Pets of UBC Psych: Lucas

Lucas is an easy going Poodle mix belonging to undergraduate student, Elisha Fu.

At nine years old, Lulu is very observant. Lucus loves to eat, though is quite particular about the brands and types of dog food (his favourite is beef liver!) he eats. However, he is always interested in anything he sees people eating because he assumes human food is better than dog food.

Elisha recalls a summer trip that her family took to Whistler:

We brought along a wagon for him to sit in since he doesn’t like to walk long distances, but he was so excited he barely used the wagon. As a result, he was exhausted after each day, sleeping extra well at night while snoring loudly.

Like most of us, Lulu likes to catch his Zzzs. When he’s not napping during the day, he can be found outside chasing squirrels and birds. Though he loves to run, he becomes tired rather quickly, always heading right back home to snooze more. His favourite napping locations include his big pink cushion, on top of people, and in the sun.