Pets of UBC Psych: Linus and Loki

Linus and Loki: the fancy rat duo we have been waiting for!

Since the movie Ratatouille hit the silver screens, Remi has replaced Mickey Mouse as the favourite rat. However, Linus and Loki are here to steal the spotlight from both of them. This adorable duo are the best-friends of graduate student Raechel Drew. These fancy rats are two-years-old and are brothers from the same litter. Having free range over the house means that they have tons of cozy spots that they love to hide in, especially after stuffing 10 pieces of food into their mouth – relatable! They spend their free time watching Netflix and love to travel, socialize, and steal.

“Loki & Linus steal things and hide them. They love to steal any pieces of clothing or bits of paper that they can find. One day when I was working on an essay, I was desperate to find a journal article I‘d left on the couch the night before. I finally found it in Loki & Linus‘ sleeping box with Loki passed out on top of it as though he had been reading all night (pictured on the right in the header)”
Graduate student and parent of Linus and Loki

Linus posing for a picture with Raechel.