Pets of UBC Psych: Leela

Jason Flindall and Leela in the Douglas T. Kenny Building.

Leela is no stranger to the Douglas T. Kenny Building. Her human, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jason Flindall, loves that he is able to bring Leela to work with him. If you would like to meet her, you can stop by Kenny 3010 or just keep an eye on the back patio around lunch time. They are there most days—chasing rocks!

“Leela LOVES rocks; she *likes* tennis balls, frisbees, and stuffed animals, but ordinary rocks are her favourite. If she’s playing with a toy, and I pick up a rock, that toy is INSTANTLY forgotten. She doesn’t chew them, she just holds them gently.”

Leela at the beach.

Leela regularly brings her rocks inside and because they are small, Jason often doesn’t notice. These rocks turn up everywhere—so if you find a golf-ball sized rock on the floor in Kenny building, chances are it’s one of Leela’s.

“One of her favourite things to do is fetch rocks from rivers and streams. She’ll wade out, chest deep, and paw at the riverbed until she finds a loose rock. She’ll then stick her head all the way under the water, grab the rock, then carry it back to land. She’ll drop the rock, shake out her fur, then head right back to the water to find another rock.

During a hike last year, she carried a single rock for 6 km through the woods. THE TRAIL WAS COVERED IN IDENTICAL ROCKS. I still have no idea what made that rock special.”

Glamour shot of Leela.

Leela also has many nicknames, check them out below!

“So. Many. Nicknames.
– Leels
– Leelurr
– Bear
– Black dog
– Little one
– Leela boo
– Wiggle butt

… and probably dozens more. Everybody loves Leela.”