Pets of UBC Psych: Hazel and Violet

Hazel (left) and Violet (right)

Hazel and Violet, pictured above, are American Guinea Pigs that are two and a half years old. These beautiful girls are both rescues and sisters, as you might have guessed from their colouration.  These two live with UBC Psychology’s staff member Joseph Graff.

“They are both rescues and sisters. They are amazing frenemies who get on really well with each other when they aren't irritating one another.”
UBC Psychology Staff

Hazel, pictured on the left, must maintain eye contact while Joseph is petter her. She requires and demands undivided attention. Ideally, she would also like to be pet on her pillow, which is at the back of their shared cage. She will stare at Joseph when he sits are a nearby couch from the front of the cage. When he goes to pet her there, she runs to her pillow, getting Joseph to pet her while she lies on her pillow instead. Although it is hard to reach her there, Joseph almost always gives in because it makes Hazel happy. The things we do for our pets!

Violet, on the other hand, is extremely introverted. She is happiest when her sister Hazel is sleeping and she has both the hay and the food all to herself. Violet is preaching to the choir. The minute you turn on the TV, she lies down besides Joseph to catch up on TV time. She snacks while watching and does not like her TV time interrupted by anyone. We wonder what her favourite TV show is? What are her thoughts on The House of the Dragon?