Pets of UBC Psych: Bubble

Bubble, a 7 years-old American Cocker Spaniel, is the lovable pet of undergraduate student Sophia Zhu and our newest Pets of UBC Psych family member.

Bubble is a foodie, but of quite a particular kind, especially for a dog; we’ve been told Bubble loves vegetables! From cabbages to broccolis, she enjoys them like no other. Bubble is also a fashionista. You will often see her in different hairstyles and clothing! Check her striking a pose in a bubbly yellow vest and red-checkered bandana in the photo below.

Bubble is also a lovebug. “Bubble loves to be really really close to my face when I’m sleeping or taking a nap on the couch. Sometimes I would be woken up by her breathing on my face!” Welcome Bubble to to the #PetsofUBCPsych family!