Dr. Kenneth Craig recognized among new Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

UBC Emeritus Professor Dr. Kenneth Craig was recently named as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) in recognition of his outstanding contributions within Canada’s academic community. CAHS Fellows have demonstrated leadership, creativity, distinctive competencies and background, and a commitment to advance academic health science.

“Canada enjoys a strong international reputation for its leadership in health research. It is a great honour to be included among the outstanding scientists in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences”
UBC Psychology Emeritus Professor

Dr. Linda Rabeneck, CAHS President, and Dr. Kenneth Craig at the CAHS Induction Ceremony.

Induction into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences is considered one of the highest honours within Canada’s academic community. CAHS Fellows, who serve as unpaid volunteers, are nominated by their institutions and peers and selected in a competitive process based on their internationally recognized leadership, academic performance, scientific creativity and willingness to serve.

Citation by Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
Dr. Kenneth Craig has made landmark contributions to recognition, measurement and treatment of pain in infants, children, adults, and, specifically, populations with communication impairments, including people with brain impairments and older persons with dementia. His innovative nonverbal measurements have also had a widespread clinical impact and led to novel strategies for measuring pain in nonhuman animals. The work has led to re-conceptualization of the importance of social parameters in understanding and controlling pain. He has inspired and led a whole new field while training a new generation of pain researchers. His service to professional organizations has been exemplary.