UBC Psychology launches Diversity Mentorship Program

A new mentoring program in UBC’s Department of Psychology aims to prepare and mentor students from diverse, under-resourced, traditionally underrepresented, and/or marginalized backgrounds for graduate admissions in psychology.

The Diversity Mentorship Program, led by faculty Equity Committee member Dr. Nancy Sin, is geared towards advanced undergraduates or recent graduates who are interested in applying for research-oriented graduate programs in psychology.

The program is open to students from anywhere; not restricted to UBC or Canada.

Applications are now being accepted in the upcoming Fall 2021 application cycle for entry in 2022-23.



Undergraduate students or recent graduates


UBC Psychology graduate students or postdoctoral fellows

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this program is not restricted to Canadians. People both within and outside of Canada are welcome to apply!

No, you are welcome to submit an application for this mentorship program even if you do not intend to apply to UBC for graduate admission. We anticipate that participants will benefit in many ways (e.g., strengthening graduate application materials, professional development, networking), regardless of where they apply for graduate school. Please note that this program is separate from graduate admissions decisions for UBC Psychology. Participation in this program will NOT give you priority for admission to graduate school at UBC.

The most important part of the application will be your responses to the open-ended questions about your research interests and experience in psychology, why you want to participate in this program, and the ways in which your diverse experiences have shaped your academic and career interests. Based on the responses, we will prioritize applicants with academic backgrounds (and preferably research experience) in Psychology, and those who are committed to applying for graduate programs in the upcoming cycle. We will strive to maximize inclusion for people from diverse backgrounds (including but not limited to diversity in terms of race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender and sexual identities, etc.), particularly applicants whose diverse background and experiences have guided the development of their professional goals. Lastly, we will aim to have areas of interest in psychology (i.e., clinical, social, developmental, cognitive, health, behavioural neuroscience, and quantitative) represented among the program participants.

There is no minimum GPA requirement for this program. As described above, we will review applications in a holistic manner that considers your academic & research experience and interests, alongside your perspective on the ways in which diversity has contributed to your career goals.