ConGRADulations to our fall graduates!

Image of students sitting in Chan Centre Hall, wearing black graduation gowns. The image is taken from a high point.

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Tuum Est. It is yours.

UBC Psychology extends our warmest gratitude to our graduating students for allowing us to be a part of your journey. We are excited to see you walk across the stage at UBC’s fall 2023 graduation ceremony on November 22, 2023.

Congratulations and hats off to our students!

MA Graduates

Name: Miranda Bahng

Thesis Title: The story of fitting in : cultural fit and subjective well-being

Name: Melanie Butt

Thesis Title: Out-of-home mobility: A measure of daily cognition in young adults

Name: Maria Clara Brandao

Thesis Title: “That’s not right!”: error detection as a potential mediator between the number sense and formal math in children

Name: Erin T. Fitzpatrick

Thesis Title: Does sexual satisfaction mediate daily associations between body satisfaction and relationship satisfaction in new parent couples?

Name: Bronwen Grocott

Thesis Title: Biased interpretation of ambiguity in state and chronic loneliness

Name: Cameron Hall

Thesis Title: The development of structural reasoning about social inequality

Name: Vasileia Karasavva

Thesis Title: To intervene or not to intervene? ‘Bystander Intervention’ in cyber-aggression

Name: Nick Kay

Thesis Title: Cultural change fast and slow: a novel measure of the speed of cultural change

Name: Jess Lee

Thesis Title: Being in the minority: how gender (under)representation influences children’s reasoning about group dynamics

Name: Yunru Ma

Thesis Title: Preschooler’s evaluation of authority figures’ third-party punishment of a moral transgression

Name: Talia Morstead

Thesis Title: Pandemic stressors and depressive symptoms: Examining within and between-person effects of neuroticism

Name: Mathilde Rioux

Thesis Title: A novel intervention for persistent memory symptoms after concussion: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Name: Omran K. Safi

Thesis Title: Investigating the effects of emotion on temporal duration memory using naturalistic virtual reality.

Name: Nicole Stuart

Thesis Title: Light, moderate, and vigorous physical activity and 9-year changes in cognitive performance: test of age moderation

Name: Victoria Wardell

Thesis Title: How Childhood Adversity Relates to Associative Memory for Emotional Stimuli

Name: Andre Zamani

Thesis Title: Neural activation associated with the reporting of spontaneous thoughts in experienced mindfulness meditators

Name: Paradox Zhou

Thesis Title: Distinguish the bifactor and higher-order factor model: a comparison of three RMSEA-related approaches under model misspecification.

M.A. students Carmelle Bareket-Shavit, Melanie Butt, Sabrina Ge, Yingchi Guo, Marta Kolbuszewska, Miranda Long, Yunru Ma, Grayson Mullen, Aaron Reiss, Chaoyi Shi, Shuyuan Shi, Zohreh Soleimani, Irein Thomas, and Ruolin Wu are also graduating in fall 2023.

Ph.D. Graduates

Name: Dr. Gabriel Brooks

Citation: Dr. Brooks examined the relationships between gambling and video games, specifically “loot boxes”, a feature where players pay for in-game randomized rewards of varying value. He found that gambling-related cognitions are associated with loot box use, and that loot box use also predicts subsequent gambling. These results support the regulation of loot boxes.

Name: Dr. Denitza Dramkin

Citation: Dr. Dramkin investigated how we map number words to perceptual magnitudes. Her work shows that by understanding the shared logic between number words and perceptual scales, young children can readily attach number words to their perception of numbers, length, and area, and even perform intuitive mathematic computations (e.g., division). Their thesis is titled: ‘Mechanisms underlying the interface between number words and perceptual magnitudes‘.

Name: Dr. Adri Khalis

Citation: Dr. Khalis examined how social media might impact psychopathology and vice-versa. He found that certain aspects of social media use can increase the risk for depression, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms, and that psychopathology can also influence how we use these platforms. This research underscores the importance of the online context to our well-being.

Name: Dr. Yeeun Archer Lee

Citation: Dr. Yeeun’s thesis is titled ‘Prosocial behaviour as an antidote to social disconnection: Exploring the links between prosocial behaviour, loneliness, and social contact in daily life‘.

Name: Dr. Eric Mercadante

Citation: Dr. Mercadante investigated how emotional responses to acquisition vary based on an individual’s level of dispositional greed. His work finds that greedy people are unique in their tendency to feel a short-lived burst of pride in response to acquisition, and no different compared to non-greedy people in terms of hedonic positive emotions like happiness. His thesis is titled: “How does it feel to be greedy? The role of pride in avaricious acquisition“.

Name: Dr. Anita Schmalor

Citation: Dr. Schmalor’s thesis is titled: ‘SES, Inequality and Me: The Effects of Subjective Socioeconomic Status and Perceived Economic Inequality on Self-Centeredness‘.

Ph.D. students Drs. Audrey Aday, Gabriel Brooks, Holly Engstrom, Yeeun Lee, Yu Luo, Alison Nutini, Brent Stewart, and Alexander Terpstra are also graduating this week.

137 B.A., 1 B.A. (Hons.), and 3 B.Sc. students are also graduating this fall.