Challenge unlocked: Funds raised on UBC Giving Day will create a more inclusive learning experience for students

On April 5, the psychology community came together to build a legacy with lasting impact.

The new Psychology Inclusive Excellence Student Fund received $9,295, thanks to the 33 donors who generously supported our students. All gifts made to the fund during UBC’s Giving Day on April 5, up to a total of $2,500, were double-matched by the Department of Psychology. The psychology community rallied to help us surpass our fundraising goal and our challenge was unlocked!

Psychology on Giving Day

$9,295 Raised


33 Donors

Established with faculty and staff contributions, the fund provides critical support to UBC Psychology undergraduate and graduate students who have overcome historical, persistent or systemic marginalization to achieve academic excellence.

The donations made on April 5 will have an impact by funding at least three research assistant positions. This provides critical learning opportunities for students to work directly with faculty researchers in a psychology laboratory.

“ We are so excited and grateful that, with your support, we will be able to start providing these assistantships in 2023-2024 — and we will do our very best to continue and grow these awards in the future.”
Professor, UBC Psychology

Dr. Kiley Hamlin, who is co-lead of the Psychology EDI Funding Working Group, adds, “The establishment of the Psychology Inclusive Excellence Student Fund signals that our department understands that some of our most outstanding students face historical, persistent, and/or systemic marginalization — and that these experiences may prevent pursuing research opportunities that are more readily available to others. This fund helps level the playing field for our students.”

We’re grateful for your participation on Giving Day. Thank you for helping us create a more equitable, diverse and inclusive psychology department community for all.