Wonder Kids | Saturday Series with Dr. Susan Birch

Saturday April 24, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Wonder Kids is a series of virtual talks on the fascinating world of child development, hosted each month through June 2021.

Led by the Directors of UBC’s Early Development Research Group – some of the world’s leading developmental psychologists – we invite you to join the conversation on language, learning and social development!


Dr. Susan Birch, Associate Professor


How children’s understanding of people’s mental states fosters healthy development


In this talk, Dr. Birch will highlight various ways children’s ability to reason about people’s mental states can influence learning and foster healthy development. Reviewing research on how children use various social cues to decide who is a knowledgeable or credible source of information, she will also discuss a fundamental bias in how children and adults reason about what others know, referred to as the ‘curse of knowledge bias’, and its implications for social reasoning and decision making.