Our EDI Working Group’s goals and actions advance equity, diversity, and inclusion priorities in the Department of Psychology. These initiatives stem from the Psychology EDI Task Force report and recommendations.

See which goals and actions align with the EDI Task Force recommendations.

2023-2024 Goals & Actions

EDI Annual Report

This report provides a broad summary of how the various EDI Working Groups made progress on a wide range of EDI-related goals in 2022-2023, as well as challenges faced and future directions. The report also provides results from a Department-wide survey that was conducted in Spring of 2023 to assess the Department climate with regard to equity and inclusion.

EDI Initiatives

EDI Task Force: Report and Recommendations

In spring 2021, the Psychology EDI Task Force was established in response to the global anti-Black racism protests, incidents of systemic racism in Canada, and calls within the UBC Psychology community for immediate, concrete and meaningful change.

The EDI Task Force published a comprehensive report with over 45 recommendations to advance equity, diversity, inclusion and related priorities in our department. Psychology faculty members voted to approve the recommendations in the EDI Task Force Report in fall 2021. The department aims to implement these recommendations strategically across a 5-year period initially, with annual internal reviews and a 5-year external review.

The report offers the following recommendations:

    • Increase the racial diversity of our department faculty
    • Increase the inclusive climate in our department
    • Monitor our progress and accountability in each domain

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