Admissions and transfer credits are determined by the Admissions Office. Students intending to Major in Psychology must first apply to the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science. Each Faculty (Arts and Science) determines the GPA (grade point average) required for admission. For more information visit the Student Services website.

Yes, all students wishing to complete a major or minor in Psychology must take Psyc 101 and Psyc 102, totaling 6 credits (or Psyc 100).

Check the Student Service Centre frequently. Registration fluctuates especially during the registration period and the start of the term. If classes have started and you haven’t been able to register, attend the class and ask the professor if s/he is willing to sign an add/drop form. However, the professor may say no at their discretion.

If you wish to graduate with a Major in Psychology you cannot be exempt from taking Psyc 218.

There will be several sections of Psychology 207 and 208 Contemporary Issues--with various topics. On the Student Service Centre, click 'Courses'. Once you have selected Psyc 207 and 208, click on the green arrow under 'Section Comments'. There you will see the topic for that particular section of Psyc 207 and 208.

The Student Service Centre sometimes has problems recognizing transfer credit – that's why you received a WEB warning. You may still click on the “register for section” button to proceed with the registration request.

Maybe. You can request manual registration in Psyc 217 and 218 only if there are seats available after all of the Psychology major students have completed their registrations.

The course listing is published near the end of February. Check the Course Schedule on UBC's Student Service's website.

For Arts students, when you have 2nd year standing on the Student Service Centre, you can declare your Major by selecting the 'Specialization' button.

You have three options (an application form for each option can be downloaded from the following website: http://www.science.ubc.ca/students/degree/types):
Option 1) BSc - Science Minor in Psychology
You will be required to take Psyc 100, or Psyc 101 and Psyc 102, and 18 more credits of 300 or 400-level Psychology courses numbered 60 or higher in the last two digits.
Option 2) BSc - Arts Minor in Psychology - 30 Credits
You will be required to take Psyc 100, or Psyc 101 and Psyc 102, in the first year, six credits of 200 level Psyc in the second year (Psyc 207 and Psyc 208 are recommended), and at least 18 credits of 300 or 400-level Psychology courses in the third and fourth years (not including Psyc 340, 348,440, or 448).
Option 3) BSc - Arts Minor in Psychology - 18 Credits
You will be required to take Psyc 100, plus at least 18 credits of Psychology courses numbered 300 and above (not including Psyc 340, 348,440, or 448).

You must have obtained an average of at least 72% in your last 30 credits in order to be eligible for a directed study.
Step 1 - Contact a full-time faculty member (Sessional instructors are not eligible to supervise a Directed Study) and ask whether they will supervise your project.
Step 2 - Pick up the Directed Study form from the Psychology Department office and complete the required information including a brief summary of the project. When the form is complete, return it to the Psychology Undergraduate Advisor's office (Kenny Bldg. Room 2502). Refer to the Advising Schedule: http://www.psych.ubc.ca/ug-pgm/ugadvising.psy. Directed Studies gives you an opportunity to participate in a research project. The faculty member that is supervising your Directed Study can give you details about what will be involved.
NOTE: The Department of Psychology requires at least 30 senior-level Psychology credits for the Psychology Major. Directed Study projects with the course numbers Psyc 340, 348, 440, or 448 may not be included for the minimum 30 Psychology credits required for the Major Program.

Check out the postings on the bulletin board in the main entrance of the UBC Psychology building (Kenny Bldg.) or visit the Participate webpage.

Generally, to obtain a research position you need to first be sponsored by a professor before applying. There are occasionally postings on the digital signage or the bulletin board in the UBC Psychology building (Kenny Bldg.). However the bulk of these are volunteer positions.

Option 1) Obtain a second degree with a Major in Psychology. As a student with a previous degree, this means that you will need to complete a min. of 60 credits and meet all of the requirements of both the Psychology Program and the faculty.
Option 2) Apply to UBC as an unclassified student. This means that you are only required to take the courses that are required for the Psychology Program (42 credits). However, you will not obtain a second degree.

Counselling Psychology is offered through the Faculty of Education. For more information refer to the following website: ecps.educ.ubc.ca