Culture, Cognition and Coevolution Lab
Curious about how people interact in a social group? There is a volunteer Research Assistant position available for a group interaction study. Contact for more details.

Human Subject Pool
The Human Subject Pool (HSP) is an essential and valuable component of UBC Psychology’s teaching and research. Undergraduate students can also earn extra credits by participating.

Linked Lives Study
The Health and Adult Development Lab is looking for couples to participate in a study on daily life activities and health. Receive $100 each and a detailed health report for participating.

Perfectionism and Psychopathology Lab
Interested in gaining research experience in perfectionism and psychopathology? Apply to become a Research Assistant with the lab. To apply, send your CV, unofficial transcript and summer schedule to

The Sexual Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab
This lab is looking for enthusiastic volunteer Research Assistants. To apply (with a statement of interest, your CV and an unofficial transcript), contact Sabrina Chang

UBC Psychology Clinic
Learn more about mental health services and evidence-based treatment by becoming a volunteer. Contact for more details.

UBC Visual Cognition Lab
The UBC Visual Cognition Lab has multiple interesting experiments running all summer long that need your help. Sign up on