2017 Winter Course Syllabi

PSYC 101Introduction to Biological and Cognitive PsychologyBarnes, StevenSection 99A
Graf, PeterSection 001
Section 004
Lam, MarkSection 003
Section VM1
Limbrick-Oldfield, EveSection 901
Rawn, CatherineSection 005
Truong, GraceSection 006
PSYC 102Introduction to Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical PsychologyBarnes, StevenSection 99A
May, LilySection 902
PSYC 207Contemporary Topics in Biological and Cognitive PsychologyTruong, GraceSection 001
PSYC 208Contemporary Topics in Social, Developmental, Personality, and Clinical PsychologyPerrino, AndreaSection 001
PSYC 217Research MethodsBlundon, LizzySection 006
Cheung, BenjaminSection 003
Section 004
Section 901
Rawn, CatherineSection 001
Section 002
PSYC 260Experimental Psychology and LaboratoryTobiansky, DanielSection 001 (T1)
PSYC 300ABehaviour DisordersHanson, LauraSection 99A
Hewitt, PaulSection 001
PSYC 302InfancyWerker, JanetSection 002
PSYC 304Brain and BehaviourBarnes, StevenSection 901
Sugden, NicoleSection 002 (T1)
PSYC 305APersonality PsychologyAssanand, SunainaSection 002
King, DavidSection 001
Tracy, JessicaSection 901
PSYC 306APrinciples of Animal BehaviourBodnar, TamaraSection 101
PSYC 307Cultural PsychologyHeine, StevenSection 001
Section 002
Section 003
PSYC 308ASocial PsychologyDunn, ElizabethSections 001/002
PSYC 309ACognitive ProcessesHandy, ToddSection 001
Truong, GraceSection 901
PSYC 311Psychology of SportPerrino, AndreaSection 901
PSYC 314Health PsychologyKing, DavidSection 002
Section 003
PSYC 315Childhood and AdolescenceMay, LilySection 102
PSYC 335Gambling and Decision MakingClark, LukeSection 001
PSYC 349/449Honours SeminarWalker, LawrenceSections 001
PSYC 350AHuman SexualityWinters, JasonSection 001
PSYC 358Evolutionary PsychologySchaller, MarkSection 001
PSYC 360BiopsychologySnyder, JasonSection 001 (T1)
PSYC 366Methods in ResearchEnns, JamesSection 001
PSYC 401Clinical PsychologyWoody, SheilaSection 001
PSYC 404Psychology of ReligionLaurin, KristinSection 101
Section 102
PSYC 460Behavioural NeuroendocrinologyHolman, ParkerSection 001